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What is gestational surrogacy? Detailed information about Surrogate & Surrogate Pregnancy

surrogacyWritten by Ryley of That’s My Family Blog:

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound pictures are held up with letter magnets on my fridge. My calendar is splattered with OB appointment reminders every week.

But this baby isn’t mine. This baby belongs to an AMAZING couple that I couldn’t love more.

I am a Gestational Carrier, a Surrogate Mom.

Who Are Surrogate Mothers?

There is a good chance that all you know of surrogates either came from the movie “Baby Mama” or from the recent “surrogate” scandal. What I want you to know most about surrogates is that we are real people: we’re moms, we work normal jobs, lead normal lives. There are a lot of different stories that pull women to surrogacy. For me, it was a best friend in high school who came out to me after we graduated. He was happy, but realized his orientation meant he would never have biological children. Without even thinking, my 17 year old self proclaimed “I’ll have babies for you!”

11 years later, I made the leap and joined a surrogacy agency that embodied all I wanted and needed to make this a positive experience for all involved. The agency matched me with a fantastic couple that will become parents in the Spring of 2012.

What Is Being A Surrogate Mother Like?

It sounds easy when I say it that way, sounds like a piece of cake. There is so much more that goes into it. There is the typical question everyone asks, “How can you just give your baby up?” First, this baby is in NO WAY my child. It will look drastically different than me and my family. It will not have my blood type, it was not made with any of my genetics. The process has been compared to long term babysitting. If your best friend asked you to watch their child for 9 months, you’d do it. You’d love that child for 9 months, tuck them into bed at night and kiss them on the head. You’d feed them and take care of them. When your friend came back you’d be SO happy to reunite them. Would you miss that child after you cared for them? YES, you would, but your heart would be so happy. I CANNOT wait to reunite this baby with its parents. I dream of it at night. I get teary eyed thinking about it. It’ll be the moment I’ve been waiting for…

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Generous Donations: Egg Donors and Surrogates

Surrogate Mother

By Laurie McLaughlin

When a couple is having trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy, sometimes a “third party” is enlisted to help. These women—egg donors and surrogates—are giving one of the greatest gifts of all. Find out why they do it.


The phrase “third-party reproduction” sounds so impersonal. But the egg donors and surrogates who help couples achieve their dream of parenthood are anything but. These women are giving of themselves in the most personal way possible. And most times the couples who are the recipients of these gifts are strangers.


Who are these women? Why do they do what they do? If you’re cynically thinking it’s just for the money, think again. Donating eggs or carrying a pregnancy involves real health risks that money really can’t compensate for. Egg retrieval is a surgical procedure that requires weeks of shots and discomfort followed by another couple of weeks of recuperation. Pregnancy and childbirth, of course, with the preliminary hormonal treatments and recuperation following delivery, affects at least a year of the surrogate mother’s life (and her family’s). The majority of women who carry a child for another woman are “gestational surrogates,” meaning the child inside them was created with the egg from either the intended mother or another donor. Traditional surrogacy arrangements, in which the surrogate also provides the egg, are much less common today, because both the intended parents and the surrogates have concerns about issues of attachment if the baby is both genetically created and carried by the same woman.


For both egg donors and surrogates, the fees that are paid are meant to cover medical fees as well as pain and suffering. Laws from state to state vary, and some are more surrogate- and donor-friendly than others. Fees also vary, with areas such as California paying as much as $25,000 for a surrogacy and $8,500 for egg donation. It’s unlikely that anyone would agree to be a surrogate or egg donor for strangers without compensation, but money alone can’t explain why women put their lives on the line to do it.


ConceiveOnline.com talked with six egg donors and surrogates and asked them to tell their own stories of why they do what they do… Come back again to read a egg donor/surrogacy story from Terri!




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Surrogate Compensation

surrogate compensationStarting a family can be a very exciting experience. Many people choose to start families in order to bring a new life into the world and nurture it for fulfillment in the parents’ lives as well as the child’s. Those who choose to take this route often decide on natural pregnancy as a means of obtaining a child.

However, there can often be problems associated with this method. Infertility and other medical issues can present roadblocks and can add frustration and stress on an already troublesome situation. Luckily, there are options that people can turn to in order to obtain the child that they want.

Surrogate mothers are a great way for couples to get the help they need when the desire to start a family arises. Many surrogate mothers are simply special women who feel the need to contribute and help the world in a very unique way. They recognize that people need help and that many are not fortunate enough or capable of starting their own families through natural pregnancy. Luckily, becoming a surrogate is very easy and surrogate compensation helps to make the time and effort spent worthwhile not only for the couple in need but for the surrogate mother wishing to dedicate her time and energy.

Average Surrogate Compensation

Average surrogate compensation often varies between what is agreed upon by the surrogate mother and the couple and the location of the surrogate. However, surrogate mother compensation typically ranges from $15,000 to $23,000 for a first-time surrogate. Due to the fact that the surrogate mother will be working for nearly 9 months developing a child, medical needs will be attended to and the development will be closely monitored. The couple and the surrogate mother will work closely together in order to ensure that the child is developing healthily and no problems are present.

Becoming a surrogate mother and acquiring average surrogate compensation is extremely easy. The internet can be a fantastic resource when it comes to finding information on becoming a surrogate mother and surrogate mother compensation. There are many websites and message boards dedicated to surrogate mothers that one can turn to in order to get the information they need. Many people have stories on their experiences being a surrogate and how much they were paid in surrogate mother compensation.

The internet is a great place to turn to for average surrogate compensation information and how to become a surrogate mother due to its vast conglomeration of people who have been through the exact same situation. We are more than happy to help you every step of the way. If you are someone who has questions on how the process is done, how to become one of the fortunate surrogate mothers and what the average surrogate compensation is, please contact us today!

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