Giving The Baby Back

Giving The Baby Back

It always amazes me when people ask, “Are you going to be Ok giving the baby up?” I’m thinking “Are you KIDDING me? Have you seen my household?”  I’m kidding but then again, I’m not.  I was in NO way planning or hoping to bring another addition home.  ALL sane surrogates who decide to become a carrier for someone share those same feelings.  Can I get an Amen?  We want to insure you really are taking this bundle home with you and while we love them dearly, they are not coming home with us!

It’s a big misconception that surrogates may come to change their minds.  The attachment or bond built during pregnancy is different than when it is your own child and many find that detaching is not difficult at all.  It is the same as if you were caring for a child in your home or a daycare environment.  You love on them, treat them as if they were yours in the way you comfort them and give them the best nutrients possible;  however, at the end of the day you know the child is going home to mom or dad.  You aren’t giving them up.  You are giving them back to where they belong.

Those that choose to become a carrier have a love for people and a willingness to give.  There is no greater gift than giving of thyself.  Based on the fact that the number 1 requirement for a carrier is having had a successful pregnancy and delivery themselves means that every carrier is a mom.  They know firsthand what it means and is like to become a parent.  Placing themselves in the shoes of the Intended Parents comes naturally and is a huge motivating factor in becoming a carrier.  Seeing the joy on another’s face when they become a parent is what drives every surrogate to truly WANT to do this.  It is an honor and a privilege to give the baby back and we all unanimously agree we are certainly not giving them up.

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